Gressvik wooden boat 25 feet with 8-11 hp Sleipner 2 cylinder engine.Boat and motor built in Fredrikstad Norway in 1965..

  • 8-11 hp Sleipner 2 cylinder engine

    8-11 hp Sleipner 2 cylinder engine. The engine had been under water so I cleaned the engine internally honed the cylinders and did a valve job. It started right away and I let it run a couple of hours with cooling water from the garden hose.

  • I use Owatrol Dilunett paint and coating remover and Owatrol Net-Trol wood cleaner and restorer to strip old varnish on pine and heat gun to strip mahogany.

  • Epifanes Clear Varnish..

  • Made a new mahogany hatch for the cabin roof. Varnished with 10 coats of Epifanes varnish..

  • Underside of the hatch ..